I can tell you how great my articles are. And sing my own praises about my copywriting services. I can even give you testimonials from clients about the incredible results they’ve experienced. But there’s nothing like seeing the real thing for yourself!

Below, you can find a selection of my work that represents the type of marketing articles I usually write. You’ll notice there’s a lot of work on social media and SEO, and types of content to use.

These subjects are my sweet spot. Helping to drive customers through the sales funnel and getting them to convert is what I do best! But, if you’re looking for something else, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As a professional copywriter, I can turn my hand to any subject and can write about it with style and grace. As long as I have a good indication of my readers, I can get results for your business, whether you’re into selling cars or productivity software!

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4 Influencer Marketing Trends to Know in 2018

4 Influencer Marketing Trends to know in 2018

Why Voice Search is Vital to Your SEO Marketing in 2018

7 Underrated Social Media Metrics You Should be Tracking

7 Underrated Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Paykickstarter - The History & Evolution of Ecommerce

The History & Evolution of Ecommerce

Why & How To Repurpose Content

Paykickstarter - What makes the best shopping cart

What Makes The Best Shopping Cart?

7 Simple Steps To Write Amazing Content


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