WARNING: No Content Marketing Means Your Business Is Losing Money

Many businesses don’t see the value of content marketing, they just see it as an expense that will go nowhere. However time and time again it has proved an excellent way to build up an audience and pre-sell customers.

What I mean by this is if you look at any business it takes a typically takes 7 interactions before a customer will buy from you.  This can be a tedious task if you’re in a competitive marketplace.  You have to make yourself stand out.

One of the evergreen methods to do exactly that creates content around your niche which will be there for everyone to see.  This effectively is pre-selling your potential customer.


What is Content Marketing

Content is often confused with just the written word like blog posts and articles, but it is so much more than that. Content that you will use includes:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Videos
  4. Podcasts

Whichever one you choose will come down to the goals you have for your business and the message you want to get across.

In this post, I will be concentrating on the blog posts and website.


Helping Your Clients

When people have a problem they generally do a Google search and find their solution that way. They’ll look through the top few searches and they’ll generally find a website which will solve their problem.

What if one of those websites was yours and you gave them the answer they were looking for. Automatically you have built some trust and a potential future client.

By creating content specifically towards your client’s problems they are far more likely to come back to your site if they have any further problems. Or like most people, if they like what they’ve read they will dig a little bit deeper into your site.

As they dig deeper they will see more related content and start to see you as an authority.  If they’re in buying mode on that day they will go through a purchase whatever service or product you’re offering.

If however they do need to go back to Google and they search another question which is related to the last one and they see your website name again they will be more likely to click on your website than the other ones.


Pre Selling Your Clients

If you didn’t know one of the biggest reasons your company should be using content marketing, then here it is. You have the ability to pre-sell your customers on your products or services.

I don’t mean you blatantly sell your products in your content. What you do is provide helpful information for your client’s problem and subtly in your content your push out one of the products.

Let me give you an example, you are an accountant and someone is searching for information about how to file their tax returns. They discover your blog post on how to file their tax returns in an easy to do fashion. At the end of the post, you say you’ll give them a free 30-minute consultation.

This is not exactly selling them for money but what you are doing is getting your foot in the door. You can then give them the free 30-minute consultation in which you will sell your services. And if you’re like me once you’ve found a good accountant you don’t generally try a new one.

That right there is thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the customer.

As you can see your content allows you to build your business.


Is It Evergreen?

Evergreen content is where it’s at. There will always be trends that happen and things people get excited about but if you want to have an effective long-term strategy you will need to focus on what has been relevant in the past, now and will be relevant in years to come.

I like to use Google Trends to see how popular something is over a time length.

Imagine this, you have just posted a recent blog post on an up and coming trend and within 3 months that trend is gone. You didn’t get enough SEO juice from Google and now that post has either wasted your time or money.

By writing an evergreen post you will give it time to grow and rank. Remember you’re after the long term not short term.


Keep Watering The Plant

When you start out you can’t expect miracles, it’s like when your growing anything it takes time to grow and flourish. The same applies to your content.

If you jump to conclusions after a few weeks you’ll be left solely disappointed as your idea of what was supposed to happen didn’t happen as expected.

If you do things right and there is small competition you can expect your content to rank well in around 3 months. If you’re in a super competitive niche it can take 6 months or longer. This is all down to the Google algorithm, back links and how relevant your content is.

growing your content

Creating A Post Network

Don’t think of creating one post and you’re done. If you think like this you’re doing yourself a disservice.

What I mean by a post-network is creating several blog posts which are similar to each other that compliment each other, you can interlink them, and they all target to doing one thing. Selling your service or product.

As mentioned above, some people will come to your first post and start exploring more deeply into your website, they will look at information about your business and more blog post on relevant subjects.

If you only have one you’ve stopped them from finding more information and I guarantee they will look elsewhere and you could lose a potential client.

blog post network


Excluding content marketing from your business is something you can not afford to do. You are reducing your discoverability and you don’t have the ability to pre-sell clients. That the beauty of content marketing, you will have people who after reading or watching your videos will want to go ahead with the purchase.

You want to stay a step ahead of your competition.  Not only will you have content which will help your potential clients, you will also have a free presence online whether it be in Google, Youtube or a Podcast.

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