Why You Should And Need To Guest Post

If you have the mindset that you don’t need anyone else to help with your blog, that’s fine.  You’re thinking, why the hell would I need to guest post for anyone else, I get enough exposure on my own.

You have a valid point. I don’t deny that, but if you’re after some SEO juice power, exposure to new audiences and to build some powerful relationships this is the perfect way to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen many blogs create multiple backlinks for themselves without doing this but that is another skill all together which takes quite a while to get.

What I’m talking about is getting some quick-fire results which will help you grow.


Builds Relationships

If you’re like me and you love to chat with like-minded people, I can guarantee some of them are going to be content producers or writers who have their own blogs.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some valuable backlinks whilst at the same time take a huge load off their back.You know how hard it is to write a blog post, edit and proofread it. We’re talking a couple of hours. What a better way to do this than have someone else do this for them.

You know how hard it is to write a blog post.  You have to write it, edit it and proofread it. We’re talking a couple of hours. What a better way to help them than have you do this for them.

This will give you a presence on their site whilst you can start talking with them more and this should only be your first interaction with them.  You will be looking to get more from them in the future.

But remember it is not a one-sided game, they may also ask for your help.


SEO Link Juice

One of the key factors Google and any other search engine takes into mind when ranking any site is how many relevant backlinks you have pointing towards your site.

When I talk about relevant you shouldn’t be looking for any old website you should be looking for a site which is on similar subjects to yours. Google knows if your backlinks come from an irrelevant site and then you will be punished. however on the other side of the foot if you get a lot of relevant links you will start to rise up.

However on the other side of the foot if you get a lot of relevant links you will start to rise up.

This in effect will rank your site higher and you will get more organic eyes on your website content, just what you’re after.


New Audience

With your own blog you’re limited to the audience you can bring in and that could be very limited based on how well you share and are able to rank your site.

However, by using someone else’s site you will be introduced to a new reader every time someone reads your post. And it will be like an informal introduction from the owner of the site.  The reader will trust you more from the get-go.

Hopefully, at the start of the post, the blog owner will introduce you as a guest writer. This way the reader will know it is someone new. But I have a feeling what they’ll know something is up when they’re not hearing the same tone as usual.

Hopefully, you would have offered something new in this post, a different angle and this will intrigue your new reader to click on the link to your website and start consuming your content.


Blog Targeting

This should be pretty obvious as stated above, but to make this crystal clear you should be looking for websites in your niche. You are looking for a related audience which you can talk with.

Because your main aim is to get new readers to your blog that will be interested in what you have to say.

You first need to look through the blog you want to write on and make sure you’re not wasting your time. You want to be looking at the blog and first see if they accept blog posts and what type of blog they run.

There’s nothing worse for a personal blogger than receiving an email asking to write on their blog and if you read any post you can clearly see that this is not the blog you want to be writing on.  Seriously would you let someone write on your personal blog, no it’s your blog and for no one else to write on.

Their Alexa rank is also very important, you want to see how well their blog ranks, this can affect the power of the backlink.  I would also check with SImilarWeb.com.

Use Moz research tool to look at how many websites are pointing to the site, this can give you a good indication of how popular and powerful their site is.

With all of these tools, you can find invaluable information.


Why You Shouldn’t Mass Send Emails

I am not sure who invented the mass email style which is very impersonal but at the same time detrimental to your efforts.

The quantity effect will allow you to send emails to hundreds of people a day but your success rate will probably be low just because you’re not targeting your not sending a personal enough email, and most people can see that type of email a mile off.

However on the other hand if you focus on sending a quality and personal email you’re far more likely to capture a guest post, which will help you grow but also you’re less likely to go into the spam folder.

Remember, anything in life quality always trumps quantity.


How You Should Pitch

When pitching a blog owner you want to avoid the copy and paste method, people have wised up to this and I guarantee you the blog owner will get many emails like this weekly and your email will end up in the trash.

Instead, you want to take a bit of time to get a feel for their blog and even read a few of their posts. Not only will you understand if this is the right blog for you but you will also be able to make the email more personal.

What I mean by this is in your email you can talk about something you liked in a particular post, or a picture, something related so they know you’re not just a robot and the email is coming from an actual human.

The owner will then also be more inclined to accept your post if they’re accepting at all.



Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and start to build relationships if you do it the right way.

Like anything else in the world if you put minimal effort into it you will get minimal results.  However on the other side if you put in 100% into your research and email writing you’re far more likely to get offers.

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