Converse Listened To Us

Back when I was a kid I always wanted to be different, I wanted something to help me stand out.  I couldn’t find anything until I found my first pair of converse.
I still remember opening the box, that fresh shoe smell.  A treat you only get once in a blue moon.
Red high tops on white soles were the number 1 color we all wanted. The white laces just popped!
That classic image, you just can’t remove from my mind.
They were comfortable tough, light and durable.  Breaking only after years of abuse from the teenage boy antics
Even when I see a pair now, I feel excited all over again taking me back to those boyhood days, even through my shyness the shoes gave me confidence nothing else could, it kept my chin up no matter what.
The love for the shoes is worldwide, and everyone knows the deal when someone’s got a pair on, they know they’re an individual who goes against the norm.
People just can’t get enough of them and their customized styles.
I remember seeing a pair in Banana Republic, Black high tops with a beautiful white sole.  There was one problem, it wasn’t converse!
It was tempting, they were £10 cheaper, but I knew I would have to claim they were real when in fact they were fake.
I just couldn’t do it.
I couldn’t deal with the shame
I don’t know how I would feel if the design was shelved or completely changed, the relationship might just have to take a break.
Fortunately, Converse have stuck to their guns with what works.
You know what you’re getting when you get a pair of converse; the style, the quality, the concept and the confidence.
When I see someone wearing converse I automatically think the owner is cool.  No other shoe brand does this, gives you this reward.
Over the years I’ve seen them try different things, test here, test there but the one thing is they’ve never changed or hurt my feelings because they kept to their main principles.
I fell in love from day one and that love grew when I saw you could customize absolutely anything, I was in shock and awe.
I just couldn’t believe it.  It was mad!
Even after being acquired by Nike they didn’t change.
Converse knows what their customers love and the one thing I hope you learned from a fan is: Focus on what you’re doing and don’t let others influence your decisions.
Thank you Converse

About the Author mike